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VisionFund Kenya upgrades its core banking system through SG NewTech

VisionFund Kenya (VFK) has upgraded its core banking system to Temenos IBS, with implementation via SG NewTech.

The upgrade to the latest release of the Temenos Inclusive Banking System (IBS) entailed the migration of VFK’s existing portfolio and business processes, adoption of new modules, integration of third-party solutions and more, allowing VFK to improve its overall user-experience.

“We are pleased to have partnered with SG NewTech to implement this project and have found them to be professional and efficient every step of the way,” says Reuben Mwaura, Ag. CEO, VisionFund Kenya. 

“This project was delivered by our Temenos Center of Excellence. We congratulate VFK on the successful completion of the project and look forward to providing ongoing system support that will enable an efficient business operation,” commented Tunde Oladele, CEO of SG NewTech.

About VisionFund Kenya

VisionFund Kenya is a Christian micro-finance institution founded by World Vision. By offering small loans and other financial services, clients develop successful businesses, enabling their children to grow up healthy and educated.  In 2021, VFK provided loans to 17,102 clients, with 70% of these going to women, and has over the years developed a dominant niche as the preferred rural financier.

About SG NewTech

SG NewTech focuses on helping financial institutions such as Banks, MFIs, Credit Unions and Fintechs implement and deploy the banking platform of the future. Our expertise cuts across core banking transformation projects, quality assurance/end-to-end software testing services, digital transformation, fraud mitigation, enterprise management and enterprise integration. SG NewTech is a subsidiary of Software Group.

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